Haikus from The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

From a book categorized as and pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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"An enemy!" cried
Mercedes, with an angry
look at her cousin.

The air he inhaled
was no longer pure, but thick
and mephitic,--he was in prison.

He remained, therefore,
mute and motionless, hardly
venturing to breathe.

The four seamen, who
composed the crew, obeyed, while
the pilot looked on.

"The young peasant girl,
at first timid and scared, soon
recovered herself.

"Listen to me," said
the countess, "and do not be
so very headstrong.

Scarcely had Ali
disappeared when the valet
entered the chamber.

asked the baroness.
"I cannot be mistaken;
there are your horses!

"Excellent," murmured
Monte Cristo to himself,
as he came away.

"By no means, madame;
the fanciful exists no
longer in the East.

Valentine started.
"A friend, Maximilian;
and who is this friend?

said Monte Cristo,
in the tone which a father
would use towards a son.

And yet, as she could
scarcely breathe, she rose and went
towards a looking-glass.

"Yes," said Valentine,
"he was very fond of me."
"Who does not love you?"

The sound of a kiss
was heard, and Valentine fled
through the avenue.

Then his eye was fixed
on the drawer of a small chest
between the windows.

"There it is, then," said
Monte Cristo, as he stepped
out of the carriage.

But wait a moment,
do not let us get angry,
or at least not yet.

And it so happened
Albert was not mistaken
in his opinion.

Ten minutes passed thus,
and he was convinced that no
one was watching him.

"Oh, certainly." "Well,
like all Paris, I shall be
there too," said the count.

The scrutinizing
glance of the count searched the young
man from head to foot.

has just returned, has he not,
madame?" asked the count.