Haikus from Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

From a book categorized as and pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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His conversation
seemed to excite a general
though languid interest.

That's why I drink too.
I try to find sympathy
and feeling in drink....

It was a tiny
cupboard of a room about
six paces in length.

he sobbed, but his voice
broke and the words came in shrieks
from his panting chest.

The tea was again
the second brew and again
in her own tea-pot.

He got up, and sat
down again, but said nothing
and stared at the floor.

It was the one thing
the landlady was always
scolding her about.

The first thing he did
was to wipe his blood-stained hands
on the red brocade.

"Good God!" he muttered
"I must fly, fly," and he rushed
into the entry.

To fasten the hook
on the inside they must be
at home, don't you see.

It had lately been
moved to new rooms on the fourth
floor of a new house.

"What is it?" He showed
the notice he had received.
"You are a student?"

But here was his room.
Nothing and no one in it.
No one had peeped in.

But at last he, too,
seemed to be silent, and now
he could not be heard.

I was not asleep...
I was sitting up," he said
still more timidly.

And why am I sent
for to the police office?
Where's the notice? Bah!

Things have happened there,
and there are all sorts of queer
people living there.

The latter drew back,
more amazed than offended.
"Foo! how strange you are!"

"He's not drunk, but God
knows what's the matter with him,"
muttered the workman.

That may well have been
the starting-point of illness.
Well, bother it all!...

"And in my anger
I shall betray myself," flashed
through his mind again.

What did I come for?
But my being angry now,
maybe is a fact!

It was evident
that he was prepared to wait

Only the money
we'd reckoned wasn't enough,
not nearly enough.

"Haven't you read it?"
she asked, looking up at him
across the table.

Yes, he had known it!
She was trembling in a real
physical fever.

"I won't allow it!"
he shouted, bringing his fist
down on the table.

You are keeping watch
on me and want to let me
know it?" "Good heavens!

Hush! They'll overhear!
I warn you seriously,
take care of yourself.

"Arrest me, search me,
but kindly act in due form
and don't play with me!

"He is not wanted!
Take him away! Let him wait!
What's he doing here?

But how imminent?
His position gradually
became clear to him.

At last he got up,
took his cap, thought a minute,
and went to the door.

"I have sinned," the man
articulated softly.
"How?" "By evil thoughts."

he whispered at last.
"Good God!" broke in an awful
wail from her bosom.

Sonia clasped her hands.
"Could it, could it all be true?
Good God, what a truth!

"Could it, could it all
be true? Good God, what a truth!
Who could believe it?

Well, you are crying
and embracing me again.
Why do you do it?

She stood a moment,
looked at him uneasily,
and went out troubled.

It all worried him
and at the same time he could
not attend to it.

Both stood still and gazed
at one another, as though
measuring their strength.

Shall we take a cab?
I'm going to the Islands.
Would you like a lift?

Their mother is dead....
I've been meddling and making
arrangements for them.

He felt suddenly
once for all that he mustn't
ask himself questions.