Haikus from Dubliners by James Joyce

From a book categorized as Fiction / Short Stories (single author) and 345 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

Dubliners comprises fifteen short stories, which Joyce intended should accurately reflect the life of the Irish middle class. Each story centers around the moment of epiphany, when a character suddenly understands something about themselves or their life and surroundings that they didn't understand before. The protagonists of the stories progress as a life progresses: from children to adolescents, to adults and the elderly.

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Father Butler turned
over the pages, frowning.
"What is this rubbish?"

He echoed her phrase,
applying it to himself:
"What am I to do?"

The shock which had first
attacked his stomach was now
attacking his nerves.

"Did you call on Grimes?"
"I did." "Well? How does he stand?"
"He wouldn't promise.

I got him one or
two sure things in Dawson Street,
Crofton and myself.

When it had ceased all
the auditors drank from their
bottles in silence.

He had a game leg
and for this his friends called him
Hoppy Holohan.

When their turn to cross
had come he was still perplexed
and inattentive.

The others, taken
aback by his rude speech, could
find nothing to say.

"It was a young boy
I used to know," she answered,
"named Michael Furey.