Haikus from Fighting the Sea by Edward A. Rand

From a book categorized as and pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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"Guess I do," replied
Walter, readily gripping
Tom Walker's brown hand.

He had already
deposited a leather
pouch on the table.

Its wheels were scarlet,
and its shining black body
was striped with scarlet.

She ran down the path.
"I'll say this for your father,
who isn't at home.

Wherever he went,
an immense business movement
seemed to go with him.

"Jingle, jingle!" went
the warning bell in the store.
"I will go, uncle."

said Walter stopping.
"Do you go to school here?" "Yes."
"Who is your teacher?"

Walter laughed, and said
he would go to the schoolhouse
and find its mistress.

reflected this young
master of ceremonies
as he left the house.

Rich isn't the word.
O they could buy out a gold
mine and not feel it.

[Illustration: "_This
was worn about the body
under the arms_" (p.

This is a surf-boat,
but there are in the service
some life-boat stations.

Then he hunted up
the North Star, the Pleiades,
and other worthies.

These golden streams, though,
could not wash away the great,
ebony shadows.

"No doubt about that;
but I guess he felt pretty
well stirred up." "That's so.

I have already
said that Cook Charlie was fat.
He was also bald.

Old man or young man,
he was always good-natured.
Did it blow without?

It was Cook Charlie
that Walter had a special
talk with one morning.

A noise on the land
called his attention away
for a few minutes.

"Oh, it's good enough.
An auctioneer must be up
'bove his crowd, you know.

"You can go ahead,"
said Walter with dignity,
"and I will follow."

Suddenly he drew
back his hand as if it had
touched a red-hot coal!

shouted the keeper.
"He's there! I see him." But Baggs
changed his position.

Gone, and he left no
more trace behind than a leaf
falling through the air.