Haikus from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

From a book categorized as and 525 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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"What's the matter now?"
repeated my sister, more
sharply than before.

"It's not the question,
my dear child, who paid for them,"
returned Camilla.

growled the journeyman,
between his teeth, "I'd hold you,
if you was my wife.

said I, "we must talk
together a little more,
as we used to do.

"Ah!" said Biddy, quite
in a whisper, as she looked
away at the ships.

One brings another,
you see; that's the way of it.
I always take 'em.

He cross-examined
his very wine when he had
nothing else in hand.

And she has come back,
a most beautiful and most
elegant creature.

"Dear boy, I ain't come
so fur, not fur to be low.
Now, go on, dear boy.

"Anyhow, my dear
Handel," said he presently,
"soldiering won't do.

And thus, in the gloom
and death of the night, we stared
at one another.

"No, no," said Herbert,
"that's my name for him. His name
is Mr. Barley.

I think if she had
done such a deed she would be
safer where she was.