Haikus from Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

From a book categorized as and 120 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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In the outer room
the two women knitted black
wool feverishly.

As he weighed sixteen
stone I had no end of rows
with the carriers.

'Some months,' he said. 'Well,
let us say three months before
we can make a start.

Steal a horse straight out.
Very well. He has done it.
Perhaps he can ride.

On the deck there were
two little teak-wood houses,
with doors and windows.

I think the knowledge
came to him at last--only
at the very last.

'Look.' The soles were tied
with knotted strings sandal-wise
under his bare feet.

His example--' "'True,'
I said; 'his example too.
Yes, his example.