Haikus from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

From a book categorized as and 472 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

At the heart of Charles Dickens's second novel, first published in 1838, is a story as much about crime and poverty as it is about justice and charity. Orphaned at birth, Oliver Twist grows up under the loveless, relentless watch of a workhouse. He runs away with hopes for a better life in London, only to become--at the hands of the unforgettable Artful Dodger--a guileless pawn in a gang of pickpockets and robbers working for Fagin, one of Dickens's most controversial villains. Full of ingenious plot twists, at turns thrilling, tragic, tender, and sharp-eyed, The Adventures of Oliver Twist is among Dickens's most enduring classics.

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Neither his father
nor his mother will ever
interfere with him.

Why are you awake?
What have you seen? Speak out, boy!
Quick--quick! for your life.

'Why, how's this?' muttered
the Jew: changing countenance;
'only two of 'em?

'Charley, do nothing
but skulk about, till you bring
home some news of him!

There must always be
two parties to a quarrel,
says the old adage.

'Pray don't interrupt
just now,' said Mr. Brownlow.
'Take a seat, will you?'

'Yours, you mean.' 'Perhaps
I do, my dear,' said the Jew,
with a shrill chuckle.

Their looks convict 'em
when they get into trouble,
and I lose 'em all.

'You can't help yourself.
I have tried hard for you, but
all to no purpose.

"Oh no, you won't," says
our overseer.' 'Ha! ha!
That was very good!

His head was dizzy,
and he staggered to and fro
like a drunken man.

While it was being
conveyed to her, the doctor
slipped out of the room.

'These women at least
shall continue to respect
the prerogative.

He stared very hard
at Noah, and Noah stared
very hard at him.

'Ha! ha!' laughed Master
Bates, 'what a lark that would be,
wouldn't it, Fagin?

inquired Master
Bates, surveying Noah's lank
form with much disgust.

It opened softly
on its hinges as Fagin
gave a low whistle.

But,' she said, looking
hastily round, 'this fear comes
over me again.

A father, sister,
and mother, were gained, and lost,
in that one moment.