Haikus from War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

From a book categorized as and pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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The princess started.
Evidently Pierre's words
touched her to the quick.

Anatole stopped him.
"Don't touch him! You'll startle him
and then he'll be killed.

"I feel so happy!"
And she set off at a run
along the passage.

I cannot agree
with you about Pierre, whom
I knew as a child.

"Take it if you like,"
said the officer, giving
the girl an apple.

Soldiers floundering
knee-deep in mud pushed the guns
and wagons themselves.

shouted the angry
officer to the soldier.
"Turn back with your slut!"

Break the armistice
immediately and march
on the enemy.

The staff officer
and Prince Andrew mounted their
horses and rode on.

asked the accountant.
"How awful!" He seemed to swell
with satisfaction.

Suddenly something
like a birch broom seemed to sweep
over the squadron.

Why are they running?
Can they be coming at me?
And why? To kill me?

From pain, cold, and damp,
a feverish shivering
shook his whole body.

"My dear Helene, be
charitable to my poor
aunt who adores you.

Princess Mary felt
his look with a painfully
joyous emotion.

If she has no pride
for herself she might at least
have some for my sake!

"Calm yourself, my dear.
I will go to my father,"
she said, and went out.

"We'll try to," replied
Berg, touching a pawn and then
removing his hand.

The night was foggy
and through the fog the moonlight
gleamed mysteriously.

"From the direction,
it must be the enemy,"
repeated Rostov.

shouted the soldiers.
The Emperor's horse started
at the sudden cry.

But even it does
not exist, there is nothing
but quiet and peace.

"We drove them back!" said
Boris with animation,
growing talkative.

"Go, Tit! Thresh a bit!"
"Oh, you fool!" said the old man,
spitting angrily.

he clutched at his head.
"Who is going to get me
the flowers? Dmitri!

That is the only
reality in the world,
all else is folly.

The count was lighting
his pipe and did not notice
his son's condition.

"One thing I thank God
for is that I did not kill
that man," said Pierre.

"I only know two
very real evils in life:
remorse and illness.

Princess Mary looked
at him silently and smiled

And I am also
very much afraid for him

"But you are so young,
and I have already been
through so much in life.

"Can you resist it?"
those eyes seemed to be asking.
"It's a good day, eh?

said the old count, when
he saw Natasha enter.
"Well, sit down by me."

"One would have thought quill
drivers enough had sprung up,"
remarked the old prince.

What more could she write
after all that had happened
the evening before?

The old prince's voice
and another now and then
interrupted him.

exclaimed Natasha
and turned to leave the room, but
Pierre held her hand.

Two young citizens
were joking with some serf girls
who were cracking nuts.

At the porch he met
two of the landed gentry,
one of whom he knew.

She knew that the sole
weapon against him was prayer,
and she tried to pray.

She could not pray, could
not weep, and worldly cares took
possession of her.

For that, not storming
and attacking but patience
and time are wanted.

With each fresh blow less
and less chance of life remained
for those not yet killed.

his frightened moans could
be heard, subdued by suffering
and broken by sobs.

"Natasha does not
know yet, but he is going
with us," said Sonya.

Tomorrow... But no!
Good-bye, good-by!" he muttered.
"It's an awful time!"

"I will come in all
the same, I have to look through
the books," said Pierre.

But no, it can't be
true that I am in Moscow,"
he suddenly thought.

"In my three shops here
I have a hundred thousand
rubles' worth of goods.

The factory hands
and others followed behind,
talking and shouting.

"Good morning, lads!" said
the count briskly and loudly.
"Thank you for coming.

The officer walked
in front, leaning on a stick
and slightly limping.

"Very sad, sire,"
replied Michaud, lowering
his eyes with a sigh.

Nicholas was himself
rather surprised at the way
he danced that evening.

"Not at all," replied
Nicholas as if offended
at the idea.

they asked, repeating
their first question, which he had
declined to answer.

"Well, are they all right?"
said the soldier with a smile.
"You should do like this."

Pierre thought he had
never eaten anything
that tasted better.

Her love for Rostov
no longer tormented or
agitated her.

For a long time, oaths,
angry shouts, and fighting could
be heard from all sides.

he said with a smile,
knowing that those words would be
sure to arouse him.

All around he heard
his comrades sobbing with joy.
"Brothers! Dear fellows!

said a laughing voice,
and moderating their tones
the men moved forward.

He had only felt
that it must exist somewhere
and had looked for it.

"I know that she loves...
will love you," Princess Mary
corrected herself.

Friends and relations
advised Nicholas to decline
the inheritance.

They both sat silent,
with an occasional glance
at one another.

"I don't understand
your why, Count," she continued,
"but it's hard for me...

"Princess, for God's sake!"
he exclaimed, trying to stop her.
"Princess!" She turned round.

"Well, you know whom," said
Pierre, with a meaning glance
from under his brows.

But someday I shall
have finished learning, and then
I will do something.