Haikus from The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

From a book categorized as and 374 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

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"North--to Cumberland."
"Cumberland!" she repeated
the word tenderly.

I thought to myself,
as I put out the candle;
"the woman in white?

Did I think he looked
as if he wanted teasing?
No. Then why tease him?

Please don't be angry.
I can't quarrel--I haven't
stamina enough.

There was another
moment of silence, and then
Sir Percival spoke.

On a nearer view
the garden proved to be small
and poor and ill kept.

The two guests--the Count
and Countess Fosco--come next
in my catalogue.

But how the money
is to be raised when the bills
fall due----" "Damn the bills!

"What's the matter now?"
he asked, lounging carelessly
into the boat-house.

"Yes, like silk." Madame
Fosco had evidently
been watching outside.

He appears to be
unreasonably anxious
about tracing her.

Number Two, sometimes.
Number Three, Four, Five, often.
Number One, never!

Why do I weary
my hot eyes and my burning
head by writing more?

The Count, with the most
alarming solemnity,
sighed and shook his head.

"I am sinking fast.
In my state of health I must
take things for granted.

I speak from my large
experience--I offer
my friendly advice.

If you do, you must
come downstairs and ask questions
in the dining-room.

They said she must not
be disturbed out of her rest
on any account.

When I did see him
he looked awfully overcome
by it, to be sure.

He had not heard me,
and he walked on out of sight,
without looking back.

I was cool enough
and wise enough now to make
no opposition.

As I got near there
was a strange smell stealing out
on the damp night air.

"The Lord have mercy
on his soul!" said the old man.
"He is doomed and dead.

She left me again,
again returned, and this time
asked me to walk in.

"At present, no more."
"Good! you have mentioned your terms,
now listen to mine.

With a wary eye
on future emergencies,
I kept the letter.