Haikus from Allan s Wife by H. Rider Haggard

From a book categorized as Fiction / Action & Adventure and 164 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

H. Rider Haggard's ongoing saga about dashing explorer Allan Quatermain continues in Allan's Wife, a novel that recounts some of the quests that Quatermain fell into while married to his second wife, an equally fearless woman named Stella. The pair discovers a lost tribe ruled over by a mysterious creature and experiences dozens of other hair-raising adventures along the way.

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Now, boy, the gun--no,
 not the rifle, the shot-gun
loaded with loopers.

Another hour or
 so passed, and still there was no
sign of elephants.

The marsh that would not
 bear the elephants carried
our weight well enough.

Before I could turn,
 before I could lift a gun,
I was seized and thrown.

“_Look! look! look!_” he screamed.
 Then suddenly the great spear
flashed down towards my breast.

Shortly afterwards
 I went to sleep with little
Tota in my arms.

It is time to be
 starting home, it will take us
three hours to get there.

“Who told you that name?”
 he cried. “It is a dead name.
Stella, is it you?

Shall I cease to watch
 because a wandering white
man comes to steal her?

when we find we lose,
 and when we seem to lose, then
we shall really find.

That this woman had
 the power of conversing
with baboons I knew.

The cousin is dead,
 his son is in possession,
so let him keep it.