Haikus from The Ancient Allan by H. Rider Haggard

From a book categorized as Fiction / Action & Adventure and 299 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

Allan Quatermain, the swashbuckling adventurer who is H. Rider Haggard's best-remembered character, often faced down formidable adversaries in exotic lands around the globe. But in The Ancient Allan, the perilous journey that Quatermain undertakes is one that leads him into the murky depths of his own distant past, where he learns more about his adventures in a previous existence that took place long ago.

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 behind the chariot walked
several great nobles.

For this man of blood
 was destined to die in blood,
though not by murder.

Then they shut again
 and through them burst a whine like
that of a hurt dog.

“By the holy Fire,”
 laughed the King, “I feel my heart
melting already.

Not once only since
 the sun rose has my mind been
empty as a drum.

They were great men, black
 as charcoal with thick lips, white
teeth and flat noses.

The real rout began.
 The Immortals were broken
like an earthen jar.