Haikus from by Rudyard Kipling

From a book categorized as Juvenile Fiction / Animals / General and 854 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

The Jungle Book introduces Mowgli, the boy foundling adopted by a family of wolves, Shere Khan the tiger, Bagheera the black panther and Baloo the sleepy brown bear.

How did the Leopard get his spots? How did the Elephant get his trunk? In Just So Stories Kipling wittily supplies the answers to these and other questions.

Puck of Pook's Hill relates how Dan and Una's magical meeting with Puck, the last of the People of the Hills, leads to their adventures with Romans and Crusaders, Saxons and Vikings... And later, in Rewards and Fairies, the three meet an array of characters ranging from Iron Age warriors to 'Good Queen Bess' and Sir Francis Drake.

In Kipling's rattling school yarn Stalky & Co, Stalky, M'Turk and the Beetle are a trio of scallywags with a keen desire to break the rules, their unruly activities give the stories an enduring appeal to all children - especially those who have ever wilted beneath the stern glance of a peevish schoolmaster.

Kipling's wry, sometimes tongue-in-cheek style will delight and entertain young readers while adults throughout the world will remember his stories with affection.

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'Ay, and here they cut
 our tickets,' said the banker,
fumbling at his belt.

'Ay, War,' he answered.
 'That is a sure prophecy,'
rumbled a deep voice.

Thou art not yet old
 enough to--' She checked the joke
with another laugh.

'And it was not till
 I remembered my own Gods
that my prayers were heard.

'Patience a little.
 To this I said that my Search
came before all things.

Far across the plain
 walked side by side four men, made
small by the distance.

'That's what I'm askin'.
 Now listen if you can make
head or tail o' this.

'What are the letters
 that the fat priest is waving
before the Colonel?

He has beaten me
 twice because I went over
their wall in these clothes.

He tied up his horse
 outside the station, and strode
on to the platform.

I will hire a room
 by the gateway, and thou shalt
be my accountant.

'Come away. The lamps
 are lit now, and none will mark
thee in the bazar.

'I have heard that talk
 since my Sixth Day,' he replied,
squatting by the light.

'Look! See!' The lama
 beamed in the background upon
his hosts of three years.

E, without a word,
 slipped off his turban and shook
down his long black hair.

'He found his milk-teeth
 easily at any rate,'
said the old lady.

I have an ulcer
 on my leg,' cried a scullion.
'Look at it!' 'Get hence!

The frogs were busy
 in the ditches, and the moon
slid to her setting.

You see, one Russian
 is a Frenchman, and I know
my French pretty well.

'Everything we bore!
 Everything we have secured!
Our gains! Eight months' work!

Let me make the prayer!
 ... Wake, O fortunate above
all born of women.