Haikus from The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope

From a book categorized as Fiction / Historical and 160 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

In this classic, a fiendish plot forces the rightful king of Ruritania to miss his coronation. Rudolf Rassendyll, a dashing English lookalike, is persuaded to impersonate the monarch — only to find himself drawn into a struggle to save the country and obtain the release of a false accused prisoner. A gripping novel brimming with adventure and romance.

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“You are like the prince
 in Shakespeare who was transformed
by becoming king.

When you’re killed, your body
 will be taken to a low
quarter of the town.

Yet, unless he sets
 up as a saint, he need not
hate himself for them.

This fellow’s turn of watching
 might be over directly,
and relief would come.

“You fought as a brave
 man the other night,” I said.
“Come, you are young, sir.

“Though, faith,” said Rupert,
 “it’s little he cares. He’s mad about
the princess, you know.

Seizing the largest,
 I felt the lock of the door
that led to the cell.