Haikus from Hira Singh by Talbot Mundy

From a book categorized as Fiction / Action & Adventure and 159 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

Along with the rest of his regiment, Sikh commander Ranjoor Singh is captured in the wake of a harrowing battle that unfolds in Flanders at the outset of World War I. The battlefield bravery of Singh and his men is equaled only by the ingenuity of their elaborate escape plans. Will the homesick crew ever make it back to India?

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I asked, and the man
 on the ground seemed astonished
that I did not know.

When my feet are healed
 I shall return to duty.
I am a true Sikh.

If a rider doubts
 his horse, what faith shall the horse
have in his rider?

We were glad to be
 on their side--glad to help them
defend their country.

As we had marched first
 out of Delhi, so we marched
first from Marseilles now.

We knew how busy
 he had been in the bazaars
while the rumors flew.

Either yes or no.
 Either ye are willing or
ye are unwilling.

"One hundred and four,"
 said I, "and an officer
or two." He nodded.

Thus we escaped through
 the gap that regiment had
been supposed to close.

He was in the dark.
 He saw swiftly enough when
explanations came.

Quite a lot of them
 ran away I imagine,
for they disappeared.