Haikus from The Ivory Trail by Talbot Mundy

From a book categorized as Fiction / Action & Adventure and 372 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

Talbot Mundy's classic adventure novel. Features a new introduction by Darrell Schweitzer.

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"Not working." "Never?"
 "No. "Has he private means, then?"
"I not understand.

If I'd found it I'd
 have settled down with a wife
in Greece long ago.

So I went to bed
 at midnight with that added
stuff for building dreams.

"Let him have his say"
 advised Monty from the bed.
"Where are you going?

He clenched his fists--spat
 because the words would not flow
fast enough--and screamed.

"You think that gives me
 no claim on your acquaintance?
Perhaps it doesn't.

"I suspect they know
 all about her," he answered.
"But why your alarm?"

I fell and twisted
 my ankle--very painful,
but not serious.

And at Mombasa
 we made our first united,
serious mistake.

"I'll lend it to you,
 or you can buy one almost
anywhere in town.

"Which women?" Brown asked
 in sort of mild amazement.
"White women?" "Rotten!

He sat down and laughed
 at our surprise that he should
state such heresy.

He seized a big spoon
 and rapped on the board with it.
"Blood of an onion!

One tent housed a mule,
 and the rest were for native
servants and porters.

"Recall what Courtney
 said about a dog?" he asked.
"We can't all own him!"

Nevertheless, Fred
 and I went back to see, but
could make out nothing.

It happened that Fred
 Oakes was watching me, although
I did not know it.

The fair mustache made
 no attempt to conceal fat
lips that curled cruelly.

"Will you go back home?"
 "Yes." "You've learned a lesson, eh?"
"Yes. "Then say thank you!"

"Always I obey!"
 the man answered, saluting.
"Good. I shall lie here.

My enemy did
 what German officers do.
He stole my young girl.

The court was a round,
 grass-roofed affair, with white-washed
walls of sun-dried brick.

It is time these loose
 women were taught a lesson!
They tell the same tale.

The next man escaped
 the whip, but his witnesses
were less fortunate.

Fred jumped to his feet.
 "That is perfectly correct,"
he said in English.

Luckily, I had
 living ballast and could trim
the ship how I chose.

"I think we'd better
 leave you on this island," Fred
told him quietly.

The prisoners were safe.
 No donkeys were missing--no
firearms--and no loads.

Those are the moments
 when young men summon all their

I suppose if I'd
 been with you I'd have killed him.
It's well I wasn't.