Haikus from Jimgrim and Allah's Peace by Talbot Mundy

From a book categorized as Fiction / Action & Adventure and 224 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

Jimgrim and Allah's Peace is another of Mundy's highly exciting adventure stories featuring James Schuyler Grim, better known as Jimgrim. Jimgrim is an American secret service agent employed by the British and stationed in the Mid-East. His adventures, protecting British interests against the French and other countries meddling in the region following World War I, comprise one of the most interesting creations from the pulp magazines of the early 20th century.

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"There's a delightful
 air of mystery," I said,
"I'd hate to spoil it!"

There was a second
 execution while I walked
back through the city.

Had the British done
 anything for the country
this side of Jordan?

The words men spoke were
 not nearly so impressive
as the deeds they did.

Grim had telephoned,
 so the Administrator
was waiting for us.

"That is not enough!"
 sneered Abdul Ali, throwing
quite an attitude.

sneered Abdul Ali,
 throwing quite an attitude.
"I know it isn't.

They would raise millions
 among them and pay any
price we cared to ask!

"All talkers," he said.
 "Not a really dangerous
man among them." "Ah!

"Spy, eh? He looks fit
 for honest work if he had
all his faculties.

"Good enough!" laughed Grim.
 "You'll do." "Yes, I think he'll do,"
agreed Templeton.

asked Mrs. Davey.
 "That's no exaggeration,"
Goodenough answered.

You and Turner pile
 into it, and those three men
watch you drive away.

Parts of the narrow
 thoroughfares are roofed over
with vaulted arches.

They are very good
 indeed at explanations
after the event.

There was an average,
 that morning, of about ten
rumours to the ear.

I cannot last long
 in any case, for the cursed
Sikhs are after me.

Busy-bodies such
 as you invariably
overreach themselves.

As I did that Grim
 stood in the doorway, smiling.
"Is he dead?" he asked.