Haikus from Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas, Pere

From a book categorized as Foreign Language Study / English as a Second Language and 94 pages follows a description and a number of hidden haikus found in the book:

The first of two sequels written for "The Three Musketeers," Dumas' beloved characters return for more adventurous duty in "Twenty Years After." As the title suggests, two decades have elapsed since D'Artagnan and his friends have prevailed over the evil machinations of Cardinal Richelieu and the icy Milady. However, danger and political intrigue still abound in both France and England, where the former is on the brink of civil war and the latter is nearly in the control of Cromwell. Add to these situations the scheming Cardinal Mazarin and the malevolent Mordaunt, son of Milady, and the retired Musketeers find themselves whisked out of retirement and directly into the chaotic swirl of stratagems, conflicted loyalties, and the effects from the passage of time in this impassioned fight for Queen and country.

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The Man in the Mask.
 68. Cromwell’s House. 69.

“Ah! you scoundrel!” cried
 D’Artagnan, taking the man for a thief
and seizing his sword.

After having failed
 in poetry, Monsieur de
Beaufort tried drawing.

Every means had been
 employed in vain to restore
the use of his limbs.

Meantime he uncorked
 the bottles and went to smell
if the pie was good.

However, because
 I was prudent you must not
take me for a fool.

Orders were given
 that no drum should be beaten,
no trumpet sounded.

Shall I speak to him?
 You know how much he loves me,
my mother. “Alas!

“He has just left me,”
 replied De Winter, “after
telling me all. Ah!

The only sublime
 ideas in politics
are those which bear fruit.

The men themselves were
 almost dead with fatigue, but
hope supported them.

The count has a mind
 above vulgar desires
and earthly passions.